When we performed our initial fiscal assessment on this client, we learned that their different businesses had generated over $5 million in the prior year and their annual growth rate exceeded 40% for the last few years. Their customers included some of the major national and regional providers of telephone, internet, security, cable, and other services.

The company had two lines of credit, but the banks were asking for more information than the business was able to provide. We solidified the firm’s cash flow projections and demonstrated to the bank that we understood our working capital needs. Upon providing the information the bank requested, we were able to increase the lines of credit by almost three times, significantly lubricating the firm’s growth potential.

In addition, we helped shore-up some of the internal inefficiencies in the cash flow cycle and, improving the firm’s collections efforts by more than 20%.

In the history of the company, no one had ever paid attention to the balance sheet. As a result, we did some initial clean-up work to make these statements accurate, which helped us to get the banks the information they needed. We clarified the lay-out of the financial statements to highlight the gross margin and break-even point of the company.

We implemented a budgeting system which is communicated openly with the managers. They understand what is expected of them, and they are anxious to receive an update every month on their progress. We have identified variances in the budget performance quickly to allow the firm to take corrective actions quickly and decisively. We have also implemented a weekly report with all of the key metrics and statistics of the firm, allowing the owners to quickly gain a pulse on the direction of the company.

The most impressive results that all of these efforts have brought is an increase in profitability of about 50% on only slightly higher sales.

When we began working with this company, one of the owners was spending a large portion of his time managing the accounting, finance, and administrative part of the businesses. Interestingly and admittedly, his most valuable contributions were and still are his efforts in sales and marketing – he knows how to grow the business. We have helped this company implement the appropriate infrastructure to free this owner up to focus on sales and marketing. The result – this owner has secured two new and very large clients that will help one of the company double next year.

When the company was presented with a way to change their business model to potentially increase their profit, we modeled out all of the financial ramifications of the investment required and return promised. Rather than make just a “gut” decision, we validated the final decision and discovered other opportunities in the process that presented significant tax savings to the owners and incentives to the employees.

Every month we hold executive team meetings to review the financial statements of the firm and discuss the strategies and the implementation of those strategies. The result has been more informed decision-making and a gratitude for the perspective that a seasoned and dynamic CFO offers to the team.


Having realized significant value from our services and solutions, this company looks forward to continuing its relationship with CFOwise to help with the challenges and complexities that come from growth, new customers, and an ever-changing economic and competitive environment.

Within six months of working with this client, they decided to look into purchasing another company. Not only did we guide them through the due diligence process, but we also lead the transition once the acquisition was complete.