Professional Services


This company provides professional services to educational and commercial institutions in several states. The complexities of running a multi-state operation and really knowing how to grow the business were just a few of the major concerns of the owner at the time he hired us.

Maximize Cash

This is a seasonal business with sales dropping to almost zero during the summer months. This seasonality causes some dramatic cash flow challenges that had almost destroyed the business on several occasions. We implemented our processes and procedures to help the company begin issuing accurate financial statements and cash flow forecasts. These tools removed the guesswork related to the cash flow of the business and allowed the owner to correctly plan for cash shortages and excesses.
In addition, we helped the company secure an adequate working capital line of credit to help the company through its significant “ramp-up” each fall.

Improve Profit

Almost immediately upon hiring us, the company needed to submit new pricing to one of its largest customers. With some analysis and financial modeling, we established the right pricing plan that would give the most amount of value to the customer and help the company improve its profitability. The company’s gross margin is now one of the major indicators that the owner and manager’s reference to track their performance.
The budgeting system we have implemented has helped everyone truly understand the fixed costs of the business and the efficiency of the resources employed by the company. The weekly flash, or dashboard, report we implemented has helped the owner reach a comfort level that the firm operates at a sustainable and profitable level and that its financial health is at appropriate levels.

Optimize Time

With dozens of employees and more complexity than the owner ever anticipated, the owner hired CFOwise with a vision of solving many of the problems that had encumbered the owner and the company from growing and progressing. We have helped the company establish the right infrastructure to allow for the owner to concentrate on growing the business while making sure that all of the other parts of the firm are managed and maximized.

Gain Clarity

When we first met the owner of this company, they were experiencing a high degree of anxiety towards the “unknowns” in the company. Why am I profitable but I have no cash in the bank? Why won’t the bank lend me money? What is my break even? How much can I pay myself? These were just a few of the unknowns that existed when we began to work with this business.
The owner had no formal and very little financial or accounting experience or training. Today, we have removed the owner’s anxiety caused by the “unknowns” by answering each of them and providing insight in to how to work through the best and worst-case scenarios for everything the business encounters.
This owner relies heavily on the monthly executive team meeting in which we present and discuss the financial statements for the prior month and other relevant strategic and tactical issues. This meeting results in better decisions and more accountability to improve the overall performance of the firm.

Enter and Exit Successfully

After just few months of helping the company in all of the areas mentioned above, the owner decided he wanted to sell the business to his key employee at a very reasonable price. We helped both parties through this process and have continued to help the new owner in many ways.


In just a few short years the company has doubled in sales and profits have grown at a much faster pace. Cash flow used to be one of the major challenges of the company, and now it is an afterthought to the strategic growth efforts of the firm.