“There are very few companies that possess as high a level of integrity, expertise, people skills, and dependability as CFOwise®. They have demonstrated these rare competencies in establishing and maintaining our IMPACT Scoreboards and in the capacity of our outsourced CFO.”

- Brian Long, serial entrepreneur

CFO wise has been invaluable to me and to my firm. As our firm rapidly grew our
financial accounting and financial controls lagged far beyond. This caused issues
with our auditors, bank, and kept me up at night. After hiring CFOwise they quickly
took control of all our financial processes, reporting, and communications with our
financial partners. Their expertise was fantastic, their work ethic was incredible and
they were truly there for all questions I had. As our firm continues to grow so does
the involvement of CFOwise. I plan on utilizing them as my financial partner for the
foreseeable future.

- Rick Grant, Principal, Russell Corrosion Consultants

"My partner and I know construction, but we have never had a very good handle on all of the financial matters of our companies. When we hired CFOwise, they quickly got into all of our companies and explained to us, in a way we understood, where we had been and where we were going. Thanks to their help, we now receive monthly financial statements that we have used to make more informed decisions. We have a clear plan in place with budgets to help us track our performance and hold our organization accountable. CFOwise guided us through one of the most difficult periods of time we have ever faced in our business, and we are now on pace to double our sales and increase our profits at an even faster pace."

- Adam Lassiter, Owner Exteriors, LLC

"I have used one of your CFO's as an advisor since May 2008.  He helped me set up my books as I started growing my business.  I hired a student to do my bookkeeping and later had to have him come in and clean up the mess that was made because my bookkeeper didn't know as much as I thought he did.  I realized quickly that it would have been cheaper and more efficient if I would have just had Brad do it from the beginning.  Subsequently, I had him hire and train my current Controller who has proven to be an invaluable asset to my company. He has helped my Controller set up proper accounting, internal controls, and financial reporting.  Although I now have a controller, I still consult with him on various business and strategy issues.  He has also been a great sounding board for me in relation to tax issues and he has prepared my company and personal tax returns for the last 2 years.

His knowledge and experience with general business matters, M&A issues, and taxes has been a huge asset to me as a business owner.   Any feedback he has given me has always proven to be great advice.  He is not only a good business strategist but he is also a good, moral person with a high sense of integrity.
He is a valuable asset to any company that he is associated with and I can recommend him without any reservation."

- Taylor Shupe, Owner ISIS

"One of your CFO's has been involved in my graphic design company since I acquired it in April 2009. He was instrumental in setting up the company and books, handling all financial transactions, and providing necessary and instrumental guidance in all areas of the business administration. He has prepared financial statements, set up all banking relationships, established operational metrics, trained accounting staff, and has a thorough understanding of international accounting issues as my company is located in the Philippines. In addition to providing financial leadership, he has also managed client relationships including setting up customer service, billing arrangements, pricing, and invoicing. He is a trusted, competent businessman that any company would be lucky to have involved in their business."

- Paul Lyon, CEO Ripe Concepts

"We have had one of your CFO's working with our company since April 2009. He has made a significant and valuable impact to our company. He not only helped us refine our financial reporting to have better insight into using financial information to make critical strategic decisions, but he help us set up operational metrics in every area of our company. This helped us increase efficiency and understand where we are profitable and where we need to focus additional attention and resources.
He is also a sound business advisor. He has been instrumental in helping us navigate through various equity and outside investor issues. His past experience in running and selling his former company has been invaluable in helping us strategize and position our company for the future.
Because of his expertise in all areas of business, we have involved him in other business opportunities as he brings a breadth and depth of business experience found in few other people we have come in contact with. His network of other professionals also brings an added dimension of resources."

- David Rasmussen Thrive

"I became associated with one of your CFO's through CEDO (Center for Economic Development of Orem). He is a board member of the CEDO Technology Center Board. We approached him for some help in raising capital for our business. He provided sound advice in reviewing our financial condition, and has been very helpful in the process we have gone through in trying to grow our company. I have found him to be knowledgable, competent, and valuable in helping us deal with our "growing pains". Moreover he communicates effectively. He knows how to identify the germane issues at hand, and address them head-on in clear language. His prior M&A experience has been insightful as we have contemplate bringing on outside investors into our company. He has helped us navigate through potential landmines in protecting our interests as owners."

- Spencer Taylor, Senior Vice President Flirty Aprons

"Thank you for your strong leadership. From helping me through an acquisition to providing financial and operational clarity, your presence in my business is invaluable."

- Chrystina Scott, President American Sign Language Communication

"Not only is our CFO highly respected and appreciated by our management team, our Board of Directors is very pleased with the impact he has had, and with the work he is doing."

- Cindy Dayton Aribex

"You are a perfect fit for our growing company. We couldn't succeed without you."

- Dan Stewart, President/CEO Valley Construction Co.

"I would like to express my sincerest appreciation on rescueing me/Utah Wood and Iron. In the short time of having your assistance, I truly felt comfortable and confident in your abilities and I believe it was well worth the cost. I also appreciate you making us a "priority" and traveling into Utah County to help. Thank You."

- Judy Day, Office Manager Utah Wood and Iron

"As a business owner for over 30 years, I can say that there are very few individuals or companies who possess the integrity, expertise, people skills, and dependability in their field of work. CFOwise has demonstrated this rare competence and has assisted our company during critical growth periods to facilitate important deadlines and interface with key personnel in all phases of business operations. We will continue to use Ken Kaufman as our CFO consultant to our multi-million dollar telecom company, especially in light of the economy and competitive nature of our business."

- Brian Long, President Trizon LLC.

“CFOwise has helped us to make sure that our revenue recognition and financial statements are accurate. We especially appreciate being able to review them every month with our CFO so we can better understand how to improve our business. We have also gained clarity on the financial structure of our company and what we will need to do if we want to raise capital to grow our company. Our CFO really understands our business and we appreciate his strategic advice and the ownership he has taken for the finance and accounting functions of our firm.”

- Tom Metcalf, President Telenotes, Inc.

"Our CFO partner from CFOwise has become a critical part of our executive team. He has guided us through many strategic decisions. More importantly, he has helped us implement our strategies and our company is better because of it. He has increased our financing so that we could take advantage of our growth opportunities. Our financial reporting process has improved dramatically and we are making better decisions as a result. I appreciate that our relationship allows us to use more or less of his time from month-to-month based on our needs.”

- Steve Wilson, Owner

"I have been extremely pleased with my CFO consultant since he has been helping us over the last 6 months. He has been an instrumental part of our success. he has done an excellent job of guiding us through the challenges of our new property purchase as well as helping us dialing in our accounting department. I am extremely fortunate that we are working together and look forward to a long lasting relationship."

- Coby Powell, President Red Rock Window Cleaning

"Our CFO helps us see clearly the things we needed to do to make our business more successful and profitable. I look forward to our monthly executive team meeting when he presents the company’s financial statements that he has analyzed in depth. He sees the whole financial picture and he understands my entire business. He is a valuable resource to my business."

- Bill Matuk, President Prime Contracting

"CFOwise helped us make an acquisition of this company and clean up the accounting and financial records. We now understand our business and what we need to do to improve it. His leadership has been invaluable."

- Trent Durham, Owner Phil’s Auto & Associates, LLC

"You have trained our accounting staff, helped us forecast and plan for our future, enlightened our perspective on our profitability, and provided sound advice on numerous issues."

- Reuben Walker, President L&R Integrity, Inc.

"You helped us get the financing we needed to grow - we could not have done it without your help. Your assistance during a complete corporate restructuring and your advice on improving the profitability of our company have helped us turn our business around."

- Ed Findlay, President Las Vegas Auto Leasing

"We had been in business for over four years when we hired CFOwise to become our company’s part-time CFO. Our CFO has helped us increase awareness of our overall financial health. Training, planning and organizing us about our company’s financial matters has been a boon to us. We have greater peace of mind and started to run our business rather than being run by it. Finding and employing Ken was literally an answer to our prayers."

- Collette DawsonLoveless, Partner & Administrative Director The Green House Center for Growth & Learning

"Our CFO from CFOwise has helped us to put together our business plan and has helped us to accurately forecast our income and expenses. The monthly financials are helpful in marking our progress and evaluating our next moves. He has helped us to get our books in order and provided us with an excellent resource for keeping our books up to date. Without his guidance we would not be able to proceed with the financing that we need to grow our business."

- Ted Schultz, President Graphic 45, LLC

"CFOwise is awesome! We recently hired them to serve as our outsourced CFO. We are excited to have them on board and helping us grow!"

- Dallin Anderson, CEO Code Nutrition

"Having your guidance and assistance has been invaluable.  I thank you for all your help.  I believe we are entering a new adventure in accounting with an emphasis on accuracy and accountability."

- Marge Hobdey Bernett Research