Sales & Marketing

Marketing exists to generate qualified leads. Sales is in charge of turning those leads into paying customers. Most business owners and CEOs are adeptly qualified through experience, reputation, relationships, skill, and talent to add more value to this area of the business than any other. 
The sales and marketing cycle in a business is a complex set of actions that create paying customers for the business. The steps and the timing involved throughout this process are often intuitive to business owners and managers, but difficult to quantify and train to others. Some businesses lack an understanding of their sales and marketing cycle altogether.
 Sales & marketing
Just like any other process, system, or task, the better we understand something the more we can improve its effectiveness. For example, imagine a business estimates its sales staff can convert one out of every four prospects into a customer. When it is tracked, the business may find that the conversion rate is actually one out of every ten. Depending on the cost of each lead, the business may have significantly under-estimated its marketing costs or it may have severely over-estimated its sales projections.
Our CFO consultants have helped many companies identify their sales and marketing cycle and optimize the time of the business owners, CEO, and other sales and marketing staff into the most valuable activities and programs. The solutions we provide free up the business owners and CEOs to focus on their most valuable contribution to the business – sales and marketing.