Accounting Staff

Some business owners and CEOs are frustrated with their accounting staff. Business owners and CEOs may not understand what they do and why it takes so long. A common frustration is that their accounting staff often communicates in accounting language, which business owners and CEOs do not always understand.

The role of the CFO position is to bridge the gap between business owners and CEOs and their accounting team. A CFO has the unique ability to think like an accountant and communicate like an entrepreneur or business owner.Accounting Staff

Our part time CFOs have run accounting departments for companies of all sizes. We know what needs to be done, and we know how to organize and structure the department in the most cost effective yet high-impact manner. Our clients usually find that within weeks of hiring us, their accounting functions and staff are more productive and value-added than ever before. Instead of just being a non-revenue-generating expense, they become a critical component to the cash flow and profitability of the company.