Access to Financing

Every business needs capital, and there are two main ways through which every business receives it – debt and/or equity. There are varying forms and mediums of both debt and equity, but they are used for one common purpose – to keep the business progressing towards its objectives.venture-capital
Our CFOs help our clients obtain the right kind of financing at the right time for the right price from the right source. In order to obtain financing from any source other than yourself and your closest friends and family, you need the following: proof of what you have accomplished, proof of where you are at now, and a reasonable and justifiable plan for where you are going. 
Banks loans and other debt issuers are usually more concerned with your past and present, although they will consider your future plans in their decision to loan you money. Equity investors will be have some interest in your past and present, but their decision will always focus on your long-term growth, profitability, and cash flow prospects.
Business manThe financing transactions in which our part-time CFOs and business finance consultants have participated throughout their careers exceeds $1 billion. From taking companies public through Initial Public Offerings (IPO) to putting a $100,000 line of credit in place with a community bank, we take ownership of helping our clients maximize their cash flow through the most beneficial financing transactions.