Internal Controls

Every business is concerned with safeguarding and protecting the assets of their respective companies. We can find a lot of published information about how to ensure the accounting and finance functions in a business are discouraged and disempowered from stealing from the company. The challenge with all of this information is that is directed to large international companies with accounting and finance staffs of more than 100 employees.

internal controlsMost employee theft happens in start-up, emerging, and medium-sized companies that have neglected normal internal controls because they are busy making and keeping promises to customers. With standard internal controls in place that are designed to be cost-effective for these businesses, a company can protect itself against 95-99% of its exposure in its otherwise deficient internal controls.

We have seen many true stories in which an employee embezzled or stole from the company. We are familiar with the temptations these employees face and how to steer them away from these temptations so the employees can continue to deserve the trust they have been extended. With the right internal controls in place, the business can operate more confidently that it is doing everything it can to protect its assets.