For CPAs

CPAs and CPA firms have found that their business clients who engage CFO services on a part-time or outsourced basis are often more profitable clients for many reasons.  The CFO includes the CPA in important decisions related to tax planning and other initiatives, which actually serve to increase, not decrease, the CPA’s fees.  The guidance the CFO offers to the internal systems and processes usually translates into cleaner and better-prepared records for tax and attestation work, translating into improved productivity and higher profits on the CPAs fees charged to their clients.  These are just a couple of the benefits CPAs have received from the CFO services their clients outsource.

By taking a more proactive approach to offering CFO services to their clients, there are some additional benefits CPAs and CPA firms can receive.  Primarily they can help their clients become more successful.  Additionally, they can earn a more steady cash flow and differentiate their firm in a value-added manner.

CFOwise® has developed a unique and high-impact method to allow every willing CPA and CPA firm to offer CFO services to their clients.  We partner with CPAs and CPA firms to empower them to help their clients realize all the benefits an outsourced CFO can provide.  This partnership usually materializes in one of three ways:


This option is perfect for the CPA or CPA firm that wants to do all of the work themselves (and a conflict does not exist) including the marketing, selling, and servicing of the clients.  They will likely dedicate one or more of their team to focus on building the CFO services practice of the firm.  We will help them understand how to best market, sell, and operate their CFO practice to render the highest impact to their clients at the most affordable price – a true value-added service their clients will enjoy.


This option is a popular choice for CPAs and CPA firms that do not have a conflict providing the services in-house but lack the resources and staff to fulfill the high-level and often time-intensive nature of CFO services.  CFOwise® will dedicate one of its CFOs to the firm to fulfill all the work under the brand and relationship you have worked so hard to establish.


For the CPAs and CPA firms that want the benefits of offering CFO services without the hassle or complexity of Options 1 or 2, we offer up to three variations of a referral model.  We will be happy to discuss these in our initial meeting with you.

If you are a CPA or CPA firm that is interested in partnering with us to help you and your clients improve your results, please Contact Us.  We will have one of our CFOs contact you to discuss these options, determine if a fit exists, and then help you implement the program.  We sincerely look forward to working with you.