Small Business Financial Solutions

There is nothing easy about running a small business.  The buck stops with you on every aspect of your business: marketing, sales, operations, customer service, finance, accounting, HR, administration, etc.  Not only is juggling all of these balls uncomfortable, but it's impossible for anyone to be an expert at all of them.
We have found that most entrepreneurs and business owners do not get into business because they enjoy accounting or finance.  In fact, some are scared and intimidated by this area of their business.  Large companies have an entire department of people who are experts in these disciplines and who make sure the company is maximizing its cash flow and improving its profits.  Most businesses cannot afford this resource even though each needs small business financial help.

CFO Careers
We specialize in bringing big company competitive advantages that can only be created by experts in accounting and finance to all companies in the form of a small business CFO.  With access to this expertise, any company, regardless of its size, can afford to access the benefits of a small business finance consultant on their team.  We've worked for the bigger companies in Chief Financial Officer and other executive roles, yet we prefer to apply our knowledge and skills to companies who need our help the most - the small businesses of America.
To learn if you can benefit from a part-time CFO in your business, please take our Do You Need A CFO? survey or Contact Us .