Business Finance Consulting

Imagine knowing exactly where your business is at the end each month.  How much anxiety would that remove from you life?  How much would the quality of your decisions increase?  What could you accomplish knowing that the financial course of your business was well-established and tracked every month?
So, how can a business ensure it is receiving this information on a timely and accurate basis?  Like most other things in life, there are professionals who have done this for their entire career.  Each of them usually carries the title of CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and each has a background of education and hand-on business and executive experience that uniquely qualify them for this role.  Hiring a CFO is the key to making this happen.  But there is a challenge to doing this...biz4
The costs to hire a CFO  in today's market is well in excess of $150,000/year.  This amount is just too big to fit into the budgets of most start-up, emerging, and medium-sized businesses.  Yet these businesses are missing opportunities and competitive advantages that those with a CFO enjoy.
We are pleased to offer part-time CFO services to businesses like yours.  As business finance consultants, we help companies improve their reporting, decision-making, controls, and more.  But, most importantly, we are helping businesses maximize cash flow and improve profit.