CFO Solutions

When you start a business, your initial focus is on getting customers – we call this making promises. Once you get the customers, a second focus surfaces - keeping and fulfilling the promises you made. Very quickly a third area of focus demands attention – tracking the promises and organizing the activities of the company into a viable, sustainable, and profitable business.


Our experience shows that business owners and CEOs are the most valuable to their companies when they focus on making and keeping promises. The company loses value when the owners and CEO try to devote some or all of their focus to tracking the promises and managing the cash flow, profitability, and other accounting, finance, and administrative functions crucial to building their business. The ideal solution would be to hire a seasoned and successful executive, also referred to as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to lead this area of the business. However, most businesses cannot afford to add the overhead cost of this position to payroll.

Our firm solves this dilemma for many businesses by delivering high-impact solutions and results at an affordable cost. When hired in the role of Part-Time CFO for our clients, we focus on helping them maximize their cash, improve their profits, and optimize their time. Through this process, our clients gain clarity regarding where they have been and where they are currently at. Possibly of greatest importance, they are able to see where they are going and what they need to do to generate their desired results. In addition to optimally managing the business, many business owners and CEOs are unaware of the most beneficial ways to prepare for and complete the entry into and the exit out of their businesses. In our role of part time CFO, we have the experience to guide our clients through successful entries and exits.

In our role as CFO, we use the firm’s financial statements to drive the strategic and tactical decisions of the company. We have found that many business owners want to better understand their financial statements so they can improve their decision-making process in all areas of the business – marketing, sales, operations, service, and administration. We offer a financial statement course wherein attendees learn how to drive their profits, strengthen their financial health, and improve their cash flow using their income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. Ultimately we could spend a lot of time theorizing about how our solutions help businesses. Instead of taking our word for it, we invite you to read CFOwise's Case Studies so you can learn how our CFO solutions have helped real companies like yours!