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“As a business owner it’s all too easy to wake up one day and find that your business and indeed your life – feel out of control.  Impact Your Business gives you the inspiration – and the nuts and bolts advice – you need to deal with the challenges and be the success you KNOW you can be.”

- Anita Campbell, CEO,

“My peer entrepreneurs and I tire of those who overcomplicate our financial bookkeeping and accounting. Ken Kaufman does just the opposite. By demystifying financial reporting, without wavering on its utmost importance, he delivers a true gem to business owners.”

- Randy Shumway, CEO, The Cicero Group

“An enjoyable read that weaves financial learning into a story, making concepts easy to understand.”

- Barbara Weltman, President, Big Ideas for Small Business, Inc.;

Small business advocate,

Impact Your Business will smack every entrepreneur right between their financial and emotional eyes. Whether you're in your first year of business or your twentieth, Impact Your Business will stop you in your tracks and open your mind to amazing insights and strategic ideas for the future of your business, and quite possibly your family life. Ken Kaufman does a masterful job with his allegory in connecting the seemingly mind numbing details of business finance into an intriguing adventure with proven steps to success!”

- Tom Metcalf, entrepreneur and President, Telenotes Inc.

“Ken shares specific, pragmatic solutions to problems that plague most entrepreneurs--definitely worth reading!”

- Ben Peterson, successful entrepreneur and angel investor;

Co-Founder & CEO, BambooHR

“Wow! This story is what all entrepreneurs have experienced. I see a lot of myself in it, and I can relate. Masterfully told in fiction, all the trials and tribulations of being a small business owner are given life, and then solved. In Impact Your Business, Ken Kaufman really delivers a must read for everyone that owns a business or is seeking to start a business!”

- Lee Mullis, President & CEO, L&R Integrity

“As the CFO of multiple small businesses one of my largest challenges is helping entrepreneurs truly understand and properly manage cash flow and profitability. Impact Your Business is a phenomenal new tool that helps teach these principles in a clear, unintimidating way.”

- Steve Guymon, President, Simple CFO

“Earlier in my career as a first-time CEO of a struggling business, I can attest first-hand to some of the same challenges Steve Loveland faces in Impact Your Business. I can only imagine how different my outcome would have been had I followed the IMPACT model.  IMPACT will definitely be the financial foundation for all future ventures--I only wish I had found it sooner in my career.”

- Dan Fellars, Founder, Subscriptive in Nature

“As a business owner and management consultant for dozens of small/midsized companies over the past 20 years, I have a keen awareness that “cash is king” when it comes to business survival and longevity. Impact Your Business is very unique in that it reveals a raft of hard hitting concepts in a crisp, entertaining way. Although the ideas are profound, they are presented in a manner that is crystal clear and immediately useable by entrepreneurs of any background.”

- John Boyd, President, J Curve Sales;

Author of The Illustrated Guide to Selling You

“Imagine listening to a presenter tell you to ‘move from qualitative data to quantitative data in order to improve performance, decision-making, acumen, and success.’ Boring, right? Not so in Impact Your Business. Ken has woven an interesting allegorical account that not only draws you into the story, but crystallizes, simply, the importance of understanding, interpreting, and applying the numbers. I thought I’d read a few pages and put the book aside--I didn’t. I couldn’t. I read the entire thing, and highly recommend it to every entrepreneur and entrepreneur wanna-be who intends to be successful in their venture.”

- Cindy Kraft, the CFO-Coach

“I look forward to Ken Kaufman’s e-newsletters. He’s an original thinker who always provides at least one nugget of useful information I’ve never heard before. Now he’s taken that same insight and turned it into a readable, relatable book that entrepreneurial business owners are sure to devour in one sitting. Written in an entertaining, highly-accessible style, the allegory format makes it easy to understand the financial challenges we all face, as well as the real-world solutions we all need. Impact Your Business comes at just the right time, giving us clarity, empowerment and even hope.”

- Brian Rouff, Managing Partner, Imagine Marketing

Impact Your Business is a must-read for any small business leader. I am giving a copy of this book to everyone on my team and the executive team including the CEO, COO, and CMO. There is no other book like this on the market. Basic finance and accounting topics are presented in a comprehensive and accessible format. The fictional story makes the book a quick read and a page-turner. Applying the principles set out in this book will Impact Your Business in a very positive way.”

- Mike Campbell, CPA, CFO

“The best consultants are great teachers, and Ken Kaufman proves that he is the real deal with this wonderful book. Much like the financial management approach that Ken recommends, Impact Your Business meets the IMPACT criteria--insightful, meaningful, precise, accessible, comparative and timely. Thanks, Ken, for reminding me why I got into this business--to help others accomplish their dreams. I can’t wait to share your work with my own clients.”

- JoAnne M. Berg, CPA;

Founder and CEO, PEER Coaching Network, Inc.

“By highlighting 'best practices' in an entertaining allegory, the author has provided practical and priceless insights into helping entrepreneurs succeed in business.”

- Roger Andrus, Executive Director, Provo Tech Xelerator

“Ken Kaufman has done what I scarcely thought possible - presenting principles of sound financial management in a way that is accessible and even fun to read. By reading this book, entrepreneurs who normally find such topics hard to swallow will gain the skills and clarity they need to succeed. The narrative format is so engaging that I found myself building skills I'd long avoided, but desperately needed.”

- Dr. Daniel Crosby, President, Crosby Performance Consulting

"Ken Kaufman just gets it. He understands people and he understands the bottom-line. More importantly, he understands the impact people have on the bottom-line. Take the time to read Impact Your Business. It won't just impact your business - it will impact your life."

- D.J. Allen, co-author of The Xs & Os of Success:

A Playbook for Leaders in Business and Life

“As an entrepreneur and business owner, I couldn’t help but be very impressed with Ken Kaufman’s new book, Impact Your Business. I thought it might be like a lot of other business books that I have read, but I was very pleasantly surprised and immediately drawn into the allegory. Not only is it well written in a style that is easy to understand and relate to, it also covers the challenges that every entrepreneur struggles with in the growth of a business. It also clearly explains the benefits of including a part-time CFO as part of the management team of a growing company. As the co-founder and CEO of a company that provides part-time general counsel attorneys to growing companies, I whole-heartedly support this premise!”

- Stuart Blake, CEO, The General Counsel, LLC

“Whether you are contemplating a new business, just starting out, or a seasoned business owner, you will find this book has simple yet sound advice to help keep you on course in the perilous business climate of our times.”

- Brian Long, President, SpectraSeven Inc.

Impact Your Business continues to amplify the success of our company. Any entrepreneur can relate to the story of Steve and his journey through business ownership. Understanding the IMPACT concept gave me peace with the financial uncertainty of being an entrepreneur by getting to the roots of managing finances. This book provides the roadmap for the goal of achievement and is a MUST for business owners and financial leaders in your organization.”

- Crystina Scott, President, ASL Communication

“Having been an accounting and tax professional for over 25 years and then adding business intermediary skills, I found Impact Your Business to be absolutely on point.  The allegory is one I see on almost a daily basis. The book gives clear, easy to understand direction to issues that most business owners are afraid to address because of the perceived complexity. Impact Your Business gives and easy and entertaining way to understand the most critical issues that face all business owners. If you own or want to own a successful business, this is a must read!”

- Janet Ackerson, EA, CBI;

CFO, Dimension Business Brokers

“Ken has me working brain muscles I didn't even know I had. Fresh perspective breeds fresh ideas, and Impact Your Business does a better job than any at shedding a new light on business decisions. It's as simple as it is useful!”

- Anthony Castro, President, Exceptional Accounting Services, LLC

Impact Your Business provides refreshing and imperative insights for business leaders to gain (and maintain) a solid competitive advantage using the often overlooked functions of accounting and finance. Told from the engaging and captivating perspective of the fictional character, Steve Loveland, Mr. Kaufman has provided all of the information of a textbook in a package that reads like an entertaining novel. I give this to all of my entrepreneur clients.”

- Jeffrey D. Steed, Attorney at Law, Callister Nebeker & McCullough

“Having poor financial records is like getting on an airplane without knowing your destination. No one in their right mind would do this; however, people do this every day with their company finances. Financial records are the road map to success. Ken’s book will teach you why great companies have great records.”

-Jeff Jensen, CPA;

Principal, JAT Accounting & Tax

“As a small-business entrepreneur, accounting and finance are the areas I worry about most, but feel the least comfortable with. Ken Kaufman's remarkable book has somehow packed a college education and years of experience into an entertaining and comprehensible story that has given me a better understanding of my business and a new outlook on how to grow. Impact Your Business has a permanent place in my desktop reference library.”

- Cary Snowden, President, Square Compass

“I wish all my clients would read Impact Your Business. I have seen far too many entrepreneurs and business owner’s overestimate their abilities to understand business finance and accounting; and their efforts are often redundant, meaningless, and without strategic direction as a result. The entrepreneurs that embrace IMPACT will be able to financially see the results of their hard work and decisions. Certainly business owners will be able to more clearly forecast future plans. This book and the IMPACT model offer all business owners a complete dashboard to corporate finance.”

David Gardner, VP, RCM Investments

Impact Your Business is strongly practical in orientation. It quickly gets to the heart of issues that every entrepreneur faces and then systematically guides the reader through a program that helps entrepreneurs overcome challenges. With terrific insight and an easy-to-follow style, Ken has captured smart business principles that make sense. What’s more is that he inspires the reader to put them to practice! I heartily endorse Impact Your Business for anyone interested in running a profit-disciplined business and finding time to be more effective in life!”

- Matthew J. Hawkins, software business executive, Harvard Business School MBA;

Father, husband, little league coach and a guy trying to find time to make it all happen!

Impact Your Business is a read that all entrepreneurs can truly identify with. With an entertaining twist, Ken does a does a fabulous job articulating the true bedrock principles of finance that must be constantly evaluated and managed effectively by a business owner. The IMPACT insights offered throughout the book are key foundational points of a successful entrepreneur. Though not always easily identified by the individual they are an innate part that drives the success of a business.”

- Justin Long, Principal, Trizon, LLC

“This book is a MUST READ. Impact Your Business is a great tool for many of my clients and entrepreneurs everywhere.”

- Scott Miller, RHU;

President, MillerWade Group

“Ken Kaufman is one of the business world’s brightest minds. An entrepreneur, consultant, and author himself, he has created a method that allows talented CFOs to provide the application of financial data in day-to-day decision making of organizations. Having worked as an accounting professional, controller, CFO and COO for over 20 years, I have seen the ongoing challenge of providing IMPACT type indicators to upper management, executives, or the board who lack proper understanding and knowledge of how to apply financial information. Through Ken's IMPACT systems, no longer is there an excuse to not apply financial information to steer a company in a prosperous direction. Ken’s allegory not only teaches us the value of having balance between family and career, but also illustrates how to apply financial information to resolve common challenges all company’s face. The IMPACT application of financial information is not just left to the financially literate. Now non-accountant and non-finance educated owners and managers and professionals can reap the full benefits of the cost of their accounting systems.”

-Garth D. Allred, CEO,

Impact Your Business is a powerful read that simplifies and clarifies the aspect of business that scares most visionary entrepreneurs. I recommend Ken and his book to any business owner.”

- Jeff Rust, CEO, Corporate Alliance

“Finally, a book that makes financial verbiage easy to understand! Many entrepreneurs can create great companies because they have a great product or idea, but in the weeks, months and years down the road the numbers don't make sense and businesses fail. Impact Your Business is a light, easy read that will make you say, ‘I get it!’ What Ken Blanchard did to help managers by in The One Minute Manager series, Kaufman does to help entrepreneurs conquer the financial skeletons lurking in every office closet!”

-Michelle McCullough, Partner/Business Development Director,

“Kaufman does an extraordinary job presenting practical financial principles in a clever and creative way.  Every entrepreneur should have Impact Your Business as an essential financial handbook, and Kaufman’s 44 Impact Insights should be posted in every office.”

- Derek Miner, Co-Founder of

“Regardless of your business model or industry, this book will have an impact on your business. Ken tells a story that every entrepreneur can relate to. It will open your eyes to the importance of clarity of purpose so you can focus on what's truly important in your business, and your life.”

- Dave Bascom, GM Local Search, Deseret Digital Media

Impact Your Business takes financial strategy from typical ‘bore’ to helping entrepreneurs ‘score.’ The allegory unfolded by the author is a fast read and I love the IMPACT Insights sprinkled throughout the story. Every business owner should read this book. Ken Kaufman gets it big time!”

- John Pilmer, Entrepreneur, Communications Pro and Author of the novel, Green Spin

“Wow!  Finally a fresh look at financial controls and managerial accounting that can be understood by a business owner.  As a banker, financial controls are a primary underwriting concern in lending to a business.  For a business owner, controls are key to long-term success.  This book provides the concepts and execution of financial controls that will develop a self-sustaining culture of success. It' simple; it's easy to understand.  Listen to Ken.  Ken Kaufman is a friend that is a trusted adviser to several of my clients.”

-Richard Thomsen, Senior V.P., Bank of American Fork

“Somebody has finally created an accounting and finance book that is readable, understandable...and can be put to use immediately!  If you aren't using solid financial information as a strategic competitive tool, you had better hope your competitor's financial literacy is less than yours.  Ken Kaufman has taken a very complex subject and made it easy to understand and use.  Get started now!”

- Jim Horan, President & Author, The One Page Business Plan Company

“Kaufman's allegory is both insightful and helpful! His story telling makes difficult financial concepts easy to understand.  The IMPACT method for business-owners, as well as families, is well thought out and brought to life by Kaufman's characters.  As one who helps other business owners manager their companies, and as a business owner myself, I found significant value to the lessons taught in this book.  It is an easy read for anyone interested in understanding their business better, and providing more balance in their life!”

- Mark Hunter, Partner, Summit Risk Management

“As an Entrepreneur of a handful of companies both successful and not successful, I’ve always wanted people to be able to walk in my shoes and really feel what it’s like to be the company owner. Ken Kaufman’s book Impact Your Business does exactly that.  Steve, the fictitious business owner, just as well should have been me. I have gone through every emotion described including, personal, family and business. The IMPACT guides and metrics described couldn’t have come at a better time. My current business is suffering from the same things as Steve’s. I’ve already started gathering company data to try and implement the managing metrics described in the book. Thank you for the free business advice and for telling my story.”

- Kurt Robinson


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