Business Scoreboards Plans & Pricing

More clarity leads to better business decisions.
Better decisions lead to improved cash flow and profits.
That’s exactly how we help entrepreneurs.

First, we help small and medium-sized companies set-up the Six Scoreboards Every Business Needs™. Click Here to learn about these Products and Services. Empowered by this critical business performance information, business owners and executives maximize their chances for success, whether they want to improve their already successful business or they need to turn around a struggling enterprise.

Second, our team of seasoned, entrepreneurial finance executives, or CFOs, is best when they are rolling-up their shirt sleeves to help you solve problems and improve your business. This is packaged as our IMPACT CFO Services® offering.  

We have implemented scoreboards and provided IMPACT CFO services to hundreds of companies in every industry imaginable. Some of the ways we have helped entrepreneurs include:

  • Raised over $100 million in debt and equity financing
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced taxes
  • Improved success rate for exit and entrance events
  • Turned-around insolvent businesses
  • Won recognition and achievement awards
  • And much more…

Next Steps
Since every business is unique, we will need some more information before we can confidently recommend the plans and pricing that will best fit your needs and bring you the most value. You may reach out to us for a free and brief consultation, the result of which will be a customized program for you. 

To speak with a representative please call 1-800-531-4218 or 1-855-CFO-WISE. 
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“There are very few companies that possess as high a level of integrity, expertise, people skills, and dependability as CFOwise®. They have demonstrated these rare competencies in establishing and maintaining our IMPACT Scoreboards and in the capacity of our outsourced CFO.”

- Brian Long, serial entrepreneur

"Thank you for your strong leadership. From helping me through an acquisition to providing financial and operational clarity, your presence in my business is invaluable."

- Chrystina Scott, President American Sign Language Communication

"Not only is our CFO highly respected and appreciated by our management team, our Board of Directors is very pleased with the impact he has had, and with the work he is doing."

- Cindy Dayton Aribex

"You are a perfect fit for our growing company. We couldn't succeed without you."

- Dan Stewart, President/CEO Valley Construction Co.

"I would like to express my sincerest appreciation on rescueing me/Utah Wood and Iron. In the short time of having your assistance, I truly felt comfortable and confident in your abilities and I believe it was well worth the cost. I also appreciate you making us a "priority" and traveling into Utah County to help. Thank You."

- Judy Day, Office Manager Utah Wood and Iron

"Our CFO helps us see clearly the things we needed to do to make our business more successful and profitable. I look forward to our monthly executive team meeting when he presents the company’s financial statements that he has analyzed in depth. He sees the whole financial picture and he understands my entire business. He is a valuable resource to my business."

- Bill Matuk, President Prime Contracting

"CFOwise helped us make an acquisition of this company and clean up the accounting and financial records. We now understand our business and what we need to do to improve it. His leadership has been invaluable."

- Trent Durham, Owner Phil’s Auto & Associates, LLC

"You have trained our accounting staff, helped us forecast and plan for our future, enlightened our perspective on our profitability, and provided sound advice on numerous issues."

- Reuben Walker, President L&R Integrity, Inc.

"You helped us get the financing we needed to grow - we could not have done it without your help. Your assistance during a complete corporate restructuring and your advice on improving the profitability of our company have helped us turn our business around."

- Ed Findlay, President Las Vegas Auto Leasing

"Our CFO from CFOwise has helped us to put together our business plan and has helped us to accurately forecast our income and expenses. The monthly financials are helpful in marking our progress and evaluating our next moves. He has helped us to get our books in order and provided us with an excellent resource for keeping our books up to date. Without his guidance we would not be able to proceed with the financing that we need to grow our business."

- Ted Schultz, President Graphic 45, LLC

"CFOwise is awesome! We recently hired them to serve as our outsourced CFO. We are excited to have them on board and helping us grow!"

- Dallin Anderson, CEO Code Nutrition

"Having your guidance and assistance has been invaluable.  I thank you for all your help.  I believe we are entering a new adventure in accounting with an emphasis on accuracy and accountability."

- Marge Hobdey Bernett Research

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