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Great Lessons Learned from Grandma

This week I traveled to Pagosa Springs, Colorado for the Annual Rogers’ Family Reunion.  As some of the organizers talked about the great ancestry we came from I reflected on some of the important things I had personally learned from my grandmother:

You can get by:  My grandma was born during the Great Depression in New Mexico.  During those times many people didn’t really have a career she said, “You just moved from a job here to a job there.”  My great-grandparents had six children.  I learned from them, and my grandmother that you can often get by with what you have, and not to waste time wishing for new things that aren’t needed.

Know where you’re at: My Grandma raised two boys as a single mother.  She worked at a local bank to support herself.  After I opened my first checking account (and bounced my first check) she taught me how to reconcile my account each month.  She also showed me how to keep a register so I’d always know where I was at and I’d never bounce a check again.  I’m happy to say I never bounced a check again.

Work hard:  Great advice.  My Grandma always told me that I could do whatever I wanted to, as long as I worked hard.  My dad was the first in our family to attend college.  I know that through my Grandma’s hard work, then my dad’s hard work, I truly could do whatever I wanted.  I recognize that blessing came to me from my heritage, and is a trait I must exemplify in order to pass on.

In successful businesses I’ve been a part of they’ve done all these things: Bootstrapping (knowing you can get by), Good Reporting (know where you’re at), and Excellent Management (working hard).


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