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Do You Know When to Celebrate?

Watching last night's World Series game and seeing the Cardinals celebrate the walk-off home run by David Freese was amazing. I love seeing people live out their dreams and having success. It made me think about how entrepreneurs and employees need to have more celebrations.  But you can't celebrate unless you know the score to know if you've won, which is something that a lot of businesses struggle with. How do you know if you won or lost every day in your business? I'm afraid too many entrepreneurs don't know when to celebrate their victories because they aren't always easy to identify.


I've been a fan of the book Game of Work by Chuck Coonradt, and he outlines 5 key principles for improving scorekeeping for businesses.

1. Clear Goals - You must have easy to measure metrics to be able to judge today's performance vs. yesterday's.

2. Clear Scorekeeping - Everyone understands how the score will be kept and what defines winning and losing.

3. Frequent Feedback - The score is published frequently for everyone to see so that changes and improvements can be made before it's too late.

4. Choice - Autonomy is given on how to accomplish the goals.

5. Rules are Consistent - The rules don't change in the middle of the game.

Once everyone understands what constitutes winning and losing you can start making progress towards your goals. You'll have clarity into how you're doing and know when to celebrate (even if it doesn't include spraying each other with champagne bottles like will happen tonight after Game 7).

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