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1 Forgotten Characteristic of Entrepreneurs

In a recent speech at UVEF, Tony Zito of mediaFORGE identified three commonly recited characteristics of successful entrepreneurs: skill, timing, and luck. But he spent no more time on any of those. Besides discussing the concept that Whatever You're Thinking, It's Probably Wrong, he chose to focus on something that is often overlooked on the path to entrepreneurial success: failure.

He then went on to share some of his failures and how they ultimately led him to success. Here are some of his quotes on the subject:

"Failure is a by-product of pushing the envelope."

"You have to expect you're going to have failures as an entrepreneur."

"Failure is the secret to success."

"Failure increases the chances of entrepreneurial success."

"Entrepreneurs who have failed before are more likely to succeed." 

"You should want to fail, and want to fail fast." 

You can read the entire Twitter stream created by the attendees of the event here: Tony Zito of mediaForge was Excellent.

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