CFO Careers

We do not currently have any CFO or customer fulfillment positions available. Feel free to come back and visit us soon to see if this changes. In the mean time, please consider the following list of attributes we look for in a successful finance professional that joins our firm:

Attributes of a CFOwise® CFO

  • EMPATHY & FINANCIAL JUDGEMENT: Ability to put yourself in the customers’ shoes, helping guide their business decisions to have positive outcomes financially. Have empathy, but make decisions based on the financial understanding you posses as a CFO.
  • COMMUNICATION: Strong need to communicate with the customer so they can understand WHAT you’re doing, WHY you’re doing it, WHERE you are in the process, and WHEN you expect to complete. DO NOT get caught up in HOW. Ability to communicate well with people at all levels and from all departments within the company.
  • FINISHER: In the SMB world data is usually not perfect; while you are working diligently to perfect the information don’t sacrifice timeless for pinpoint accuracy. Remember that strategic decision-making has a fuse.
  • PERSONALITY: You really have to be both likable and credible. Don’t be patronizing in your consulting. Offer encouragement to staff you supervise. Build a real relationship with customers based on who you really are.
  • HUMILITY: Quick to recognize own faults and take ownership of mistakes, slow to discount others because of their faults and mistakes. Know when to say you don’t know something.
  • ENTHUSIASM: Your enthusiasm for what you are doing and the ways you are helping customers should spill over into everything you do. Your customers should want to be around you because of your contagious enthusiasm.
  • SERVANT LEADER: Help others be successful in whatever ways possible and focusing on giving, knowing the getting will take care of itself.
  • ENTREPRENEUR: Looking for new problems to solve for customers and ways to improve CFOwise® and oneself. Treat the customers’ business as if it your own.
  • TRAINER: An attitude of always teaching and training customers and their employees.
  • HIGH-TECH & HIGH-TOUCH: Up-to-speed with and regularly using the newest technology, but not letting that replace the high-trust and intimate relationships with customers.
  • INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Willing to do the right thing regardless of the outcome. Willing to do what is in the best interest of the customer even if it puts us out of a job. Let customers know that when we commit to something, it will get done. Our word needs to be as good as gold for our customers.
  • RESPONSIVE: Our customers should always feel like they are a top priority. Even if we do not have an immediate solution, we respond to inquiries quickly and are proactive in making cure we take care of our customers. Our customers have our mobile numbers and should never go more than a couple of hours without a return call, email, or text.
  • MENTOR: Help the people with whom we interact understand we are knowledgeable and experts in our field, possessing both depth and breadth of real-world experience and education. Customers like to look to someone who has been through what they are going through.
  • ADAPTABILITY: Being flexible and agile, making adjustments quickly at an entrepreneuerial pace.
  • HUNGRY: We hunger for ways to add more value to our customers, and we use our time to think strategically about improving their businesses.
  • RESPECTFUL CONFIDENCE: Our customers hire us for our background and expertise. This means we will need to challenge the way they do some things and give them new perspectives. We are not “Yes” consultants unless we know it is right and do-able, and we are respectfully confident when our approach or thoughts differ from those of the customer.
  • RESULTS-ORIENTED: Being a CFO is not about title, but about producing real, tangible, and high-impact results. We never focus on title or position unless it relates to results.
  • CLARITY-SEEKERS: We strive to create clarity, not over-complication. This empowers our customers to make the best decisions possible.
  • VULNERABLE: We are willing to put our weaknesses on the table and let others help us minimize our weaknesses

We strongly encourage anyone interested in joining our company to read Impact Your Business: an allegory of entrepreneur's journey to clarity, cash, profit, family, and success. This book was authored by our founder and will introduce you to how our company helps its customers.