Great Lessons Learned from Grandma

This week I traveled to Pagosa Springs, Colorado for the Annual Rogers’ Family Reunion.  As some of the organizers talked about the great ancestry we came from I reflected on some of the important things I had personally learned from my grandmoth

The Devil in the Details

We have often heard the phrase, “the devil is in the details”.  Usually this relates to contracts that have a lot of legalize in them and are very complex.  On the

Unfair Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial communities good at startup ‘discovery’ win

After two trips out to Utah in October, I’ve concluded the state is building an unfair entrepreneurial advantage.    It’s scary how well they’re doing at startup and startup community building.

The Paradox of Lean: Perfectionist vs. Minimalist

A startup CFO wears several hats.  With my accounting or legal hats on, my rule is DIRTFT.  Do it right the first time.  In contrast, when coaching Lean Startup and with my product manager hat on, the rule is MVP—minimum viable product.  With

The Dichotomy of Leadership

Yesterday's presentation by Dr.

Funding Fit

Understand what financing sources are a good fit for your company . . . and vice versa

From a family loan to a bank loan to venture capital, different types of financing are appropriate for different types of companies and stages of their development.  The ‘funding fit’ is everything.  Here’s how I look at the match-up.

Why the Recession is a Great Time to Start

It seems like a lot of what the US media has to say about the economic turmoil throughout Europe portrays the doom and gloom of several countries and an entire continent on the brink of total destruction. One result of this perception is that I've heard many entrepreneurs in the United States express fear and trepidation about expanding their businesses into Europe. 

Hire slow, fire fast!

I have the opportunity to associate with some wise entrepreneurs who have had significant experience in owning and running businesses.  It is always insightful for me to spend time with them understanding the keys to their success.  Recently, I was at lunch with one and we started to talk about firing employees.  Every business owner with employees is faced with this challenge.&n

Are You Destined for Greatness

I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review on the six enemies of greatness
and it really resonated with me. Here is the list:

Have thick skin for your startup

I recently attended a startup/launch event in San Francisco. A client requested
last minute that I be in attendance at their sponsor booth to help answer investor/
investment questions from a purported large number of investors that would be

Fixed Cost Coverage Ratio

It’s been a long day with lots of customers interacting with your team and buying many of your products and services. Your staff seemed busy and you felt productive. But did your business actually move forward or backward? Did you win or lose today? Here is the main number you should track every day in your business to answer these important questions.

“Engineering” Intercompany Transactions

Whether its liability issues, ownership differences, multiple locations, etc., there aremany reasons for businesses to set up separate entities for their various business units,
functions, and strategies. Although these reasons exist and are varied, they can create
additional challenges which should be considered when “engineering” your accounting

Technology – A help or hinderance?

I recently read a blog on the HBR Blog Network that really resonated with me. It started
by saying, “Why is it that between 25% and 50% of people report feeling overwhelmed
or burned out at work? It's not just the number of hours we're working, but also the fact
that we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time.

The Value of a Customer

Customers are the core component of any sustainable enterprise. The science of attracting and keeping customers is, therefore, of critical concern to entrepreneurs and business leaders. So, what are your customers worth? The secret to assessing this value lies in the key marketing and sales metrics of your business.

One “Issue” Your Business Should Avoid: Customer Concentration

My 6-year old told me yesterday that she is having so many “issues” right now. I was quite concerned but luckily these “issues” only included an arm that was hurting and a runny nose. Whether it’s your 6-year old, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or business, having “issues” in life is never a good thing.