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Revenue per Employee

How do you know if you are over or under-staffed? If sales are increasing, are you hiring too quickly or slowly to keep up? If your sales are dropping, are you cutting too many or not enough employees?

2 Reasons Why Small is Better than Big

I am reading The Machine that Changed the World, which tells the story of how Toyota innovated the from the mass production methods to lean manufacturing, disrupting the automotive industry to become one of its most dominant players.

When do You need a Finance Executive on your Team?

Controller. VP of Finance. Director of Accounting. Accountant. Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. No matter what title you give the position, someone in every company wears the executive hat of finance and accounting.

What Defines Your Company Values?

Do you have company values? How did you decide what they are? Are they an idealistic view of who you want to become, or do they represent who you are today?

CFOwise® Founder Interviewed in ask the Pro section of Entrepreneur Magazine

CFOwise® Founder Ken Kaufman Interviewed in the Ask the Pro section of Entrepreneur Magazine

Small Business and Finance, Can They Co-Exist?

Small businesses usually resist everything they hear about the best practices and things they should do with the finaincial and accounting matters of their business. Why?

Software Doesn't Solve Problems, People Do

Having attended a well-run Corporate Performance Management Conference by CFO Magazine, I heard almost every business leader, CFO, and finance executive present talk about being “tool ag

Fear and Clarity, an Inverse Relationship of 'Analytics' Proportions

Guess what I did to commemorate 9/11?

What’s better – Cash or Equity?

The depressed economy the past couple of years has caused employers to decrease or eliminate annual raises and in some ways, has caused employees to consider other career opportunities.  In an effort to retain employees, particularly when cash is short, many employers consider using equity.  So if you are an employer, what is better, incentivizing employees with a cash raise, or grant

Calling All Business Owners--Your Advice is Needed!

American Express asked me to author an article for them wherein I share advice on cost-cutting from real, in-the-trenches, business owners and entrpreneurs. So, if you can spare a few minutes, please consider and respond to the following questions:

Corporate Performance Management--CFO Magazine's 2011 Conference

CFO Magazine has asked me to be an official blogger for their Corporate Performance Management Conference in September 2011. The event piqued my interest because of the initiative we have launched in our business to deploy SaaS-based Scoreboards to businesses all over the world.

Who Are the Firefighters in Your Organization?

Do you remember those assignments in school where you could just tell the teacher was giving an assignment just to keep you busy?  No value.  Nothing that would help you prepare for your future.  No lasting lesson learned.  Unfortunately, too many face similar assignments in the workplace.  Those tasks can often lead to complacency and to an inability to see the differe

A Good Manager Goes a Long Way

I have a vivid memory of sitting in a management class during my MBA thinking about how the information we were receiving was either elementary (meaning everything I really need to know about people I learned in kindergarten) or impractical.  After experiencing the difficulty of aligning employee incentives with the company’s incentives through pay structure I understand better and appreci

CFOwise Promotes New CEO, expands Management Team, announces Scoreboard Technology

Leading provider of clarity to SMBs fortifies team and unveils technology to facilitate growth

Will a Lawsuit Solve your Problem?

The moniker "litigious society" has become synonymous with the American system of justice in the 21st century. You've been wronged, and somebody has to pay. But will legal action really produce the result for which you hope?