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3 Real Costs of Regulation Realized This Summer

How many times have you heard how much regulation costs the economy?  How many graphs have you looked at that show the rate of lost GDP due to    

Crisis Management--Lesson from my 2-Year-Old

I have a very cute, curious, and high-energy 2-year-old daughter (pictured below), and this is what she taught me about handling bad, negative, or even crisis-level situations.



Will a Lawsuit Solve your Problem?

The moniker "litigious society" has become synonymous with the American system of justice in the 21st century. You've been wronged, and somebody has to pay. But will legal action really produce the result for which you hope?

Free is the new Quandry

Freemium is a business model buzzword that has become quite popular in the last decade. The concept is simple--it is even has its own Wikipedia listing under Freemium--give away a subscription or a "lite" version of your product or service, and convert as many of them as possible to a premium version.

How to Select the Right Auditor

Recently, I have had the dubious honor of selecting an audit firm for one of my clients.  Although selecting an auditor can seem quite simple, there are a number of things one should consider going through this process.  Here are just a few:

Top Eleven 2011 Trends for Entrepreneurs

As we launch into the new year, here are the top 11 trends that entrepreneurs need to be aware of, think about, and for which we should all prepare:

Report Card on 2010 Entrepreneur Trend Predictions

Here is a look at the predictions I made for 2010 at the end of 2009 so you can see how I did. Of the ten identified trends, I gave myself 4 As, 4 Bs, 1Cs, and a D, for an overall GPA of 3.1.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

2010 has been a very good blogging year for CFOwise®. In the spirit of planning for a great 2011, here are the eleven most popular blog posts from the year 2010:

Entrepreneurs Must Separate Ownership and Employment

Most business owners and entrepreneurs co-mingle their ownership of and employment at their businesses. But they are really separate things. And the more they can understand this concept, the more effective they usually are at running their business.

Paralysis by Analysis

I get to work with numbers and analyze a lot of businesses, business models, and opportunities based on their financial impact. My experiences have taught me that you can quantify just about anything.

Two Basic Business Functions: Innovation and Marketing

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs recently who have told me how superior their product or technology is compared to their competitors. But their competitors have far more customers and market penetration.

Ten Lessons Learned in Entrepreneurship

I spoke at the Entrepreneur Lecture Series course at BYU today. Here is the video of the presentation followed by the ten takeways for the students:

Health Care Reform Demystified

I came across a great video explaining the Health Care Reform Law, or at least as much of it as can be reasonably understood at this time, in this great little video.  Take a look:

The Entrepreneurial Attribute No One talks about but Every One needs

An entrepreneur started his company over 20 years ago.  He had built it up to several locations with a strong, recognizable brand.  I won’t go into all the details of why his business failed, but what amazed me the most was how, on the brink of financial and professional ruin, he was figuring out what his next business was going to be.  The word I use to describe this attribute, which I find among so many business owners and entrepreneurs, is resilience.

From the moment you decide to start a business you are signing up for adversity, problems, and challenges.  Many will tell you your idea i

Don’t Eliminate Your Full-Benefits Plan Yet

Rising health care costs and vanishing profits have led many small businesses to cut back their health care benefits to high-deductible HSA plans that cover mostly catastrophic events and not much else.