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Top Eleven 2011 Trends for Entrepreneurs

As we launch into the new year, here are the top 11 trends that entrepreneurs need to be aware of, think about, and for which we should all prepare:

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

2010 has been a very good blogging year for CFOwise®. In the spirit of planning for a great 2011, here are the eleven most popular blog posts from the year 2010:

Bootstrap for Slow-Growth or Raise Equity to Accelerate

There is a lot of talk and content on the internet about "bootstrapping." I had an interesting experience with this just last week. A company is looking to roll-out an innovative business model in a very competitive online business space. One partner in the business wants to grow slowly, gaining customers slowly and using the revenue generated to fund future growth.

Health Care Reform Demystified

I came across a great video explaining the Health Care Reform Law, or at least as much of it as can be reasonably understood at this time, in this great little video.  Take a look:

Did You Win or Lose?

Sports teams compete against each other and they keep track of the score.  They know who wins and who loses, and each player on the team has more statistics on their performance than they know what to do with.  Individual sports athletes, like golfers and runners, meticulously measure their performance against themselves and others and use their numbers to find ways to improve.

Is running a business any different?  Is there a way to know if you win or lose each day?  Each week?  Each month?  Each year?  The answer to all of these questions is yes, and I write about how to accomplish this in

CFOwise sponsors Provo Technology Xelerator

Business incubation program recruits CFO firm to train new businesses on how to Maximize Cash Flow.

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, May 21, 2009CFO WISE is proud to announce that its Founder & CEO, Ken Kaufman, will be a guest speaker in the Provo Technology Xelerator workshop series.

Get Online and Measure your ROI

Over $200 billion dollars will be spent purchasing goods and services online in 2008, according to the brief above from the April 8th, 2008 USA TODAY. The Internet is becoming the major medium for marketing, advertising, and purchasing. This is a powerful revelation for emerging and medium-sized business owners - it levels the playing field with the big guys and allows for tremendous niche and overall market segmentation strategies.

Why the Bank Account Fools Most Entrepreneurs

Business is about cash flow. Whoever coined the phrase “Cash is King,” must have been in business. But an entrepreneur’s bank account can sometimes be the most misleading source of information about how the business is really doing.


Your profit and your cash will almost never equal each other in the same period. This is one

Collections is Key to Good Cash Flow

Is your cash tied up in accounts receivable?  If you collected your receivables would you be able to make payroll and buy the inventory you need?  For financial help for small business there are some important considerations for cleaning up your old receivables and making sure you collect your receivables before they get old.


First, we need to understand how long it is taking you to collect.  The most commonly used ratio to determine this is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).  The calculation is no

How Much Should I Pay Myself?

Entrepreneurs and business owners often ask and wrestle with this question. We need to consider your replacement income, your monthly "nut," and your entity's tax strucutre to begin to answer the question.


The first factor to consider is the cost to replace your position in the company. It is very important to not confuse business ownership with business employment. If you are the President and CEO of the company, then what are Presidents and CEOs of other companies like yours earning as a salary/wage every year. Again, please separate ownership from wage.