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Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Banker (and Chances of Getting a Loan)

Believe it or not, banks are looking to loan out money! Bankers are hired and compensated well to do this very thing. Many business owners experience great frustration when trying to secure financing from banks, but it doesn't need to be that way. Your financial future could heavily depend on having a strong banking partner so consider the following for building a better relationship:

What's a Cap Table, and Why Should I Care?

Jeff Hall and I have almost finished teaching another semester of Entrepreneurial Finance at UVU. We've come a long way since the first time I taught the class, which was the first time any such class was ever taught at this University.

Top Eleven 2011 Trends for Entrepreneurs

As we launch into the new year, here are the top 11 trends that entrepreneurs need to be aware of, think about, and for which we should all prepare:

Report Card on 2010 Entrepreneur Trend Predictions

Here is a look at the predictions I made for 2010 at the end of 2009 so you can see how I did. Of the ten identified trends, I gave myself 4 As, 4 Bs, 1Cs, and a D, for an overall GPA of 3.1.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

2010 has been a very good blogging year for CFOwise®. In the spirit of planning for a great 2011, here are the eleven most popular blog posts from the year 2010:

Entrepreneurs Must Separate Ownership and Employment

Most business owners and entrepreneurs co-mingle their ownership of and employment at their businesses. But they are really separate things. And the more they can understand this concept, the more effective they usually are at running their business.

Bootstrap for Slow-Growth or Raise Equity to Accelerate

There is a lot of talk and content on the internet about "bootstrapping." I had an interesting experience with this just last week. A company is looking to roll-out an innovative business model in a very competitive online business space. One partner in the business wants to grow slowly, gaining customers slowly and using the revenue generated to fund future growth.

5 Things You Should Never Tell an Investor

I had a lot of fun writing this article for American Express OPEN Forum.  Feel free to visit it at:

5 Things You Should Never Tell an Investor

Ten Accounting & Finance Secrets for Start-Ups

Start-Up companies do not need theoretical or impractical advice. They need tips and suggestions that they can easily and swiftly implement to improve their chances for success. In the spirit of this need, here are ten tips in the areas of accounting and finance that they should consider implementing in a hurry:

Seller-Financing Required

If you want to sell your business, seller-financing has become an even more common requirement.

Tips for getting your Company "Bankable"

Believe it ot not, there are a lot of things your business can do to make the loan request process smoother with banks. The following blog gives a good list of 10 things you can do pretty quickly:

Venture Capital for a Fortune 500?

Did you know that large companies like IBM, Novartis, Samsung, Intel, and many others have and will continue to be venture capitalists to younger firms? These large corporations are looking for new technologies, products, and services that will enhance or add value to their core business.

Private Equity Feels Some Pain

Private-equity firms have been lulled into a cheap borrowing trap to magnify their portfolio returns. The downside of all of this - their strategy will also magnify their losses.


The huge trend away from public equity towards private-equity has been exciting to watch.  According to most business financial consultants, taking a company public has become so cumbersome and costly that most are deterred from those capital markets. Private-equity came in at a perfect time and used some aggressive leveraged buy-out (LBO) tactics.