Strategy in a Down Economy

As we have all experienced the effects of a sagging economy the past three years, there has been considerable thought given to strategies that should help one's company weather the storm.  Two such strategies might include cutting costs or increasing revenues.

Should We Be In Business?

As I continually listen to economists and other “experts” prognosticate about the current
and future state of the economy, it is interesting to hear all of the reasons why we are
in the current state we are in…the housing bubble, bailouts, too much debt, the role of
government in business, greed, excessive salaries, not saving enough, banks not lending

Top Eleven 2011 Trends for Entrepreneurs

As we launch into the new year, here are the top 11 trends that entrepreneurs need to be aware of, think about, and for which we should all prepare:

Report Card on 2010 Entrepreneur Trend Predictions

Here is a look at the predictions I made for 2010 at the end of 2009 so you can see how I did. Of the ten identified trends, I gave myself 4 As, 4 Bs, 1Cs, and a D, for an overall GPA of 3.1.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

2010 has been a very good blogging year for CFOwise®. In the spirit of planning for a great 2011, here are the eleven most popular blog posts from the year 2010:

Entrepreneurial Benevolence

Small and medium-sized businesses are struggling to survive in this tough economy, right?  Entrepreneurs are fighting to make payroll and advance their companies to the next level, aren't they?  Yes and yes...

Entrepreneur Motivation: Improve the World

I recently saw this video and enjoyed its message.  I think its message is clear - entrepreneurs are changing and improving the world.  Many people incorrectly think that entrepreneurs start businesses for money.  Money is a means to an end, while the challenge of building something that makes a difference is the reason they get up in the morning to pursue their passion.  Kudos to the entrepreneurs of the world - enjoy this video!

The One-Sided Effect of Healthcare Reform

Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, are usually very skilled at figuring out how to create opportunities out of even the most dire of circumstances.  They regard health care reform no differently.

Now that the dust has settled on this new legislation and employers are waiting to see what else trans

Why the Economy will Rebound Faster than Employment

I have seen it happen over and over again.  Entrepreneurs and business owners hire people and then they grow to like them.  They build a culture of family and they genuinely feel a sense of pride in and responsibility for providing employment and security for so many families.

Then, when times get t

Top CFOwise Blog Posts of 2009

Based on total number of unique visitors to each of our blog posts through the year, here are our top ten blog posts of 2009.  Enjoy!


1.   TOP TEN 2010 TRENDS FOR ENTREPRENEURS - We received a lot of very positive feedback on this blog post as well as a radio interview request.  Listen to Ken Kaufman's radio interview HERE.



Economy is Down, but is Small Business Really Up?

I've been hearing lots about how start-up, emerging, and medium-sized businesses are positioned to do very well in these rough economic times. In fact, I have even preached it. But is it really true? Is it happening?


I regularly check a blog written by Small Business Labs, and one of their recent posts inspired me to take a look at a few of the facts starting to filter in that will either validate or invalidate the claim that small businesses will generally do well in these difficult economic circumstances.

What If The $700 Billion Bailout Money Was Loaned Straight to Small Business

National Small Business Association(NSBA) is actively lobbying Congress to mandate 25% of future bailout money go to financial help for small businesses in the form of loans. What if all of it did? What impact would that have? Everyone is talking about how entrepreneurial companies and small firms will hire all the talent and pull us out of this recession, eventually.

Is Social Networking Recession Proof?

Everyone is declaring gloom and doom in 2009. But social networking is exploding.


LinkedIn is planning for significant growth in 2009, as are all of the other major social networking companies. In this article from the USA TODAY, they profile LinkedIn along with its departing and new CEO.

Innovate To Survive & Thrive – The 2009 Quest

Every business owner can learn from and improve their business from the example of the US economy. Please allow me to explain: When an economy is in a recession, it experiences negative growth. In other words, it gets smaller instead of bigger. Even just a little bit of negative growth can cause significant turmoil, as we are seeing in today’s economic environment.

Stimulus Package For American Innovation And Entrepreneurship

The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) recently put together a series of policy recommendations to the incoming administration that are specific to helping small and medium sized technology businesses. You can read it here: STIMULUS PACKAGE


They also have a forum set-up for anyone that would like to contribute any ideas, suggestions, etc.