Unfair Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial communities good at startup ‘discovery’ win

After two trips out to Utah in October, I’ve concluded the state is building an unfair entrepreneurial advantage.    It’s scary how well they’re doing at startup and startup community building.

The Slingshot Business Strategy

At Yesterday's UVEF luncheon, Ryan Caldwell of MoneyDesktop shared an idea that was really powerful and relevant to everyone in the room.

Whatever You're Thinking, It's Probably Wrong

The entire audience was silently engaged, on the edge of their seats, as Tony Zito of mediaFORGE was as open, honest, and transparent as I've ever heard an entrepreneur be when explaining the dark days of being ready to give up on a start-up.

Where Innovation Happens

Innovation seems to happen more frequently and meaningfully in small businesses. Why?

The Business Model of New Year's Resolutions

An interesting thing happens every January. The gym is more full than normal (very frustrating for those of us who go year-round and get used to having the place to ourselves 11 months of the year). Places of worship see increases in attendance and donations.

Want a Better Valuation for Your Business?

I listened to an amazing web programmer talk about the features of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product he will have ready for launch in a couple of months. He's been working on it for years, and he is very passionate about what it can do. After seeing what the product can do, I believe there are potentially several commercially-viable applications for his product.

Everyone Has Competitors, Even Mice

One of the quickest ways to lose credibility with anyone who knows anything about business is to tell them you do not have competitors. Everyone has competitors that would love to take business away. Acknowledging competition and differentiating oneself is the way to beat your competitors.

When You Pivot, Remember Cash Flow

I am a fan of movement toward the use of the word "pivot" to describe the key business model changes a start-up implements in its quest for the most effective and scalable way to deliver its products/services to the market. I am an advocate of making sure that each of the pivots improves the cash flow and working capital cycle of the venture.