Cash: Your Best Friend and Biggest Blinder

Cash is the lifeblood of any business venture. Without it, entrepreneurial ideas are not turned into reality. With it, a company is able to prosper and grow. As the saying goes, “Cash is king.”

Allegory of the Cave

Variation on Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”

Short vs. Long-Term Results: How Do You Prioritize?

Whichever you are more focused on means you are likely neglecting the other.


This past year I’ve been working with a number of small companies who are interested in selling their business. My experience in getting the best value (which means money, right?) is to follow a few key things in your business:

Selling is more about others than yourself

Are you a sales person?

Recently, I had had the opportunity to attend Utah TechX, a program intended to help small businesses accelerate growth.  There have been many benefits from attending this training.

No Permission Required

The new book, Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City is a great read on an important topic.  My favorite line came on the last page:

“My favorite thing about startups is that they don’t require anyone’s permission.”

Know your Channel

In an effort to keep entrepreneurs and founders as focused on their customers as their product or service, I have written a lot on the need for founders and entrepreneurs to know their customers intimately. Business models differ by industry and business, and, quite often, knowing your customer is not often enough.

Startup or Small Business – The Other Chasm

There’s a world of difference between a scalable technology startup and a small business.  Decide which you are.


Startup Revenue Model

Startup revenue model (Excel.xls download)

Stop Blaming the Economy

It's hard to go through a day without hearing the media, a friend, a business owner, or somebody complain about how the success of their business is being killed by the bad economy.  While the general health of the economy obviously plays a role in all of our businesses, I think it's an easy and convenient excuse.