We have served hundreds of companies with annual revenues ranging from zero to more than $50 million. Each one of them is unique, but all of them struggled with the same problem when we first met them--lack of clarity. Interestingly, we have yet to meet a business that cannot obtain and then benefit from more clarity. In the place of clarity we have repeatedly found anxiety and fear bundled with uninformed decision-making, meaning cash flow and profitability were underperforming relative to their potential.

We have developed, designed, and engineered the most effective method for bringing clarity to businesses. The Six Scoreboards Every Business Needs™ are at the core of business performance clarity, and we have a systemized process for implementing them in every business. By maximizing the efficiency of your current staff and technology/software as well as improving your processes and procedures, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners are often surprised at how affordable and attainable clarity is with the IMPACT Scoreboards offered exclusively by CFOwise®.

During the process of implementing the IMPACT Scoreboards, your CFOwise® CFO works directly with you and your team and becomes intimately familiar with your business. Once the set-up for the scoreboards is complete, not continuing to have access to a seasoned finance executive who knows your business inside-and-out feels almost wasteful. That’s why most of our customers have us continue to be part of their company as a part-time CFO or outsourced CFO. Your CFO will oversee and continuously improve the scoreboards, among many other duties.

We invite you to learn more about our products and services and the costs associated with each.